Stop Higher Property Taxes

Preserve Prop 13

And Protect L.A. Renters, Homeowners, Small Businesses, and Jobs by voting NO on ULA and SP.

Measures ULA and SP Will Increase The Cost Of Living For All L.A. Residents.

With inflation exceeding 8% and a 40-year high, we should not be raising any taxes that make it more expensive to live or work in L.A. And this is exactly what Measures ULA and SP want to do.

Together, these two measures create a $1.1 billion property tax increase — the largest tax increase in the city’s history —  that will drive up the cost of everything. If it passes, rents for apartments and small businesses will go up by 6%.

And make no mistake, ULA and SP will increase property taxes for L.A. renters, homeowners, and small businesses — dismantling decades of Prop 13 protections!

ULA and SP will drive up the cost of everything we buy and use:





The Facts

about Measure ULA

The Facts

about Measure SP:

We all want to solve the homelessness crisis, but ULA and SP are the wrong approaches!

Vote NO on Measures ULA and SP!

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